Energy Sector Management

The Energy Industries have been greatly affected by lower energy prices, which has led to production being stopped at a number of production facilities, as operating costs exceed revenues

Operations Management often suffers from adherence to traditional practice stifling innovation and competitive efficiency. Struan Energy have demonstrated opportunities in operating facilities to significantly reduce costs and improve cost-effectiveness.  Studies performed by Struan Energy have shown that huge savings are achievable through innovative management practice “breaking the mould”.


Struan Energy has extensive management, risk reduction and decommissioning expertise gathered not only from offshore oil and gas, but also from coal, nuclear and chemical plant.  This expertise is offered to companies wishing to improve efficiency and to out-source specialist management services.  These services include:

Board Governance and Administration

Business Development

Decommissioning Management

Emergency Response Training

Environmental Management

Operations Management

The Struan Energy team have a great deal of energy operations and decommissioning experience and have identified opportunities to maximise revenue through tight control of Opex and Abex. The company is currently in negotiation with a number of North Sea asset owners in order to identify and acquire producing assets that are nearing the end of their productive life and from which value can be realised through cost reduction.